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Birthday Parties - My Kids 3 Wishes | Kids Party Planner - Singapore

Updated: Aug 13, 2022


Electric Dreamz is an expert kids party planner for kids parties and birthday parties in Singapore.

Expertly crafting attractive kids party proposals according to age groups and child's preferences. We are a kids party planner who expertly incorporate party themes into event elements, including into, kids party games, party decorations, photo booths and party entertainment.

What are the 3 event elements that will truly make your kids party memorable and exciting for your child?


The first most important step is to understand your child's preferences, his favourite cartoon, hero, movie, tv shows and more. Once this has been identified, as a professional and expert kids party planner who guarantees a memorable party for your child, we conduct research to understand the content of the cartoons, movies and even the hero's personality. We usually do this by literally watching the cartoons and movies! This is the first and most important step in ensuring that the kids party package that we craft and offer will be exciting and memorable for your child. These are customised kids party proposals and especially recommended for children above the age 7, when they have outgrown pre-packaged kids party packages, which offer entertainment suitable for younger children. Depending on the kids party theme chosen, we apply the chosen themes to party decorations, kids party games, kids party entertainment and photo booths.


Kids party entertainment is an important kids party element that, when chosen correctly, ensures the kids party is a success! Electric Dreamz is an experienced kids party planner who will include kids party entertainment that is related to the party theme chosen. We are a creative party planning company who can create unique event entertainment that we guarantee will excite your child and which we guarantee your child will thoroughly enjoy from start to finish. Most times, these are unique ideas for your child's party entertainment that incorporate the chosen theme! These can even be live performances by models and professionals!


You child is always the centre in any party games that we incorporate into the kids party package. We go the extra mile to ensure that the kids party games included in the package are related to the theme and to ensure that your child is the centre of attraction always! Attractive game prizes are included in our kids party games, to be given out to all participants and children at the party. We even include friendly competitions that encourage kids at the party to participate and have loads of fun!




Age Group

Pre-packaged party event elements normally include bouncy castles, kids party magicians and balloonists. These are great for younger children between the ages 3 to 6. Custom kids party packages are ideal for kids from ages 7 and above who have outgrown the mentioned pre-packaged party event elements.

Party Elements

As mentioned under age group, pre-packaged party event elements normally include bouncy castles, kids party magicians, balloonist and other event elements such as face painting. Custom kids party proposals however, are carefully crafted and are unique according to your child's unique preferences and likes. These include, unique party entertainment that at times are created and performed by professionals and models, and, unique kids party games with mini friendly competitions that are created from scratch, through the application of party theme and your child's preferences.


Pre-packaged kids party packages usually have the same content and party elements which are ideal for younger children. Custom kids party packages however, are unique and carefully crafted from scratch according to each individual child's preferences and by incorporating parents' needs and requirements. These require research and the application of creativity. Custom party packages are created according to your child's likes and preferences, as such, your child's party is guaranteed to be exciting and memorable for your child!


A pre-packaged item is always cheaper than a custom-made one!


Are you planning on having a surprise birthday party for your child with invited guests? Electric Dreamz is a one stop solution party planner for professional, reliable and quality party planning services in Singapore. We handle all party planning arrangements, including transportation for your guests, if required, and all you need to do is to bring your child to the party venue for his or her big surprise birthday party!

birthday party surprise - kids party planner singapore
Surprise Birthday Parties


Electric Dreamz can include beautifully customised cakes and tasty kids party snacks and treats for your kids birthday party. Cakes are customised according to the chosen party theme. The kids party caterer chosen is a professional caterer specialising in kids delicacies.


Kids door gift options provided are always according to the kids party themes. Our kids door gift options are carefully chosen through research. These kids door gift options are awesome and attractive door gifts that every child will love! These attractive door gifts will put a smile on any child.


Our kids parties are designed to create the sweetest memories for your child and you. We can engage professional and inexpensive photographers for your kids birthday party in Singapore. At the end of your kids parties, we also provide awesome memorabilia with all these captured memories which we are certain will leave you in awe!

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"For Electric Dreamz and event is not just an event, it is a continuous endeavour to exceed expectations and leave lasting impressions."

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