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Kids Birthday Party Planning Tips and Ideas

Updated: Nov 1, 2022

Whether you own a kids party planning business, or are throwing a kids party for friends' or families' children, here are some great kids party planning tips that you can apply.

There are many kids party themes options to select from, which can make the #kidspartyplanning endeavour a wonderful and fun experience. The goal is to ensure that your kids have a memorable experience and have a great time with their friends.

Here are some Kids Party Planning tips and ideas:

Kids Party Budget

The kids party budget will give you an idea of the type of kids party event elements you can consider including in your kids party. Some event elements like a photo booth, may be on the pricier side than for example, just including a professional photographer for the event. Always stay within the budget and even try to save some dollars from the budget in case you have some extra unexpected last minute expenses, for example, the venue cleaning fees, which some venues charge at the end of events.

Involve Your Kids

Try to involve your kids, unless its a surprise party! Your kids getting involved will give them a sense of responsibility and importance. They can even surprise you with some great ideas for the event as they know their friends best! Get their input on what #kidsparty event elements they want included for their party or give them some options to choose from.

Send Out Invitations

There are many ways to get guests invited. One of the more fun ways is by sending out a fun animated video invitation that can be sent by a clickable phone message or email. These are catchy invitations, usually sent through a clickable link to a customised YouTube video, are guaranteed to excite any guest!

Kids Party Catering

Choosing the right caterer for a kids party is an important part of any party planning. Be aware of the kids ages and order food that is suitable for the occasion and for the guests. Want to make your food for your kids party? Here are some kids party food ideas and recipes.

Do you plan to have a birthday cake too? Before ordering one, have an idea of how many guests will be attending the party as that is an important question that a baker will ask. Did you know what you can order beautiful custom-made birthday cakes according to themes? These cost a lot more than the usual pre-order birthday cake. On budget constraint? How about making your own themed birthday cake? Here are some ideas and recipes for DIY themed birthday cakes.

Kids Party Games and Entertainment

To make a birthday party more fun, attractive and interactive, consider including some short games and or hire professional kids entertainers. Some examples are, scavenger hunt or pinning the tail on a donkey.

If you have a higher kids party budget, you can consider hiring a magician or even taking your guests and child to the bowling alley, where you can have the birthday cake delivered and have a fun day of bowling with kids and their families. There are bowling alleys where you can book them at certain time slots and even have catering ordered and food served buffet style.

Kids Party Theme

The choice of the kids party theme is a very important part of planning any kids party. Understand what your child likes and select the right theme right down to the decorations and party supplies. There are many types of themed party favours and props that you can order online, including themed backdrops, wallpaper, balloons and more. Should your child have a unique theme preference, you can engage event planners to custom make all party elements, including decorations and party gifts to match the party theme to guarantee that your child has a memorable immersive experience from start to finish! Here is a blog that touches on how you can apply kids party themes to party elements to make it a truly immersive experience.


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