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Ultimate Lucky Charms, Gifts And Symbols You Need To Know: Best Door Gift Ideas By Party Planners

Updated: Aug 14, 2022

All the good things you want for yourself — luck, fortune, love, prosperity, longevity, health and wealth, are most certainly what everyone else wants too. Therefore, you need to know what lucky charms, gifts and symbols to include when planning an event. If you don’t — get an expert #partyplanner to help you.

Party Planners sharing a few ideas on lucky charms or symbols you can decorate your event with.

Everyone likes gifts. What would a kids party be without a take-away party pack? It doesn’t have to be a huge gift, you will be loved for your thoughtfulness and generosity. Surprise your guests with a door gift or a promotional gift at a product launch.

Unlock The Powerful Behind Charms


Most of us know it as the money cat or lucky cat, originated in Japan but is popular the world over today. A charm for everything related to finances, it says: “Bring in the money!”

Red Bats

In Chinese culture the name for a Red Bat sounds the same as the word for ‘fortune’, that is why it is considered a good luck charm. What is better than a red bat is— five red bats. It signifies the five good fortunes; longevity, virtue, health, wealth and not only a peaceful death but also a natural death. An all-round lucky symbol for births and in general, blessings to bestow.


Good luck, virtue and protection. In Chinese culture they were considered protectors of one’s home, because they suddenly stop chirping when someone comes near. They were even kept in tiny golden cages so their songs may bring you good luck.

A Bamboo

This unassuming plant is significant because of its upright form, strength and ability to bend through a storm – then return its upright shape thereafter. To keep a bamboo plant represents flexibility and adaptability, also other noble qualities such as integrity and elegance. It sounds like a great corporate gift.


Fertility, prosperity, cleansing and transformation. Wow! Aborigines believed they bring rain. Japanese wear it as a lucky charm when they travel because the name for a frog sounds the same as the word for ‘return’ — ensuring a safe journey home. The Egyptian goddess of childbirth was depicted as a frog, hence the link with fertility. Even fairytales tell that the princess must kiss a frog before she gets her prince!


Ganesha in Hindu is known as ‘The Remover of Obstacles’, is depicted as half man half elephant, he is god of wisdom and success. Another famous elephant, Airavata is the sacred white elephant who guards the entrance of Svarga, the dwelling of god Indra. The birth of Buddha was predicted by an elephant. It was foretold in a dream to Gautama’s mother, Queen Mahamaya, when the small white elephant carried a white lotus flower in its trunk, came to her and walked around her three times.

In many cultures, elephants decorate homes and business dwellings as a symbol of success and knowledge — improves good relations and respect between people. It is seen as a figure of stability and wisdom, elephants can bring wealth and good luck.

Event Tip — Elephants whose trunks are pointed upwards are considered even MORE LUCKY.

Planning a Lucky-Party, a birthday, a wedding — or just about any celebration and event involves drapes, table cloths, furniture, lights, banners, backdrops, gifts and more. All of which can be designed to a theme. Get some awesome ideas on the types of colour themes for events too. If the old-time saying is true;” You get what you give.” — then give wisely, choose the right symbols to unlock luck and fortune.

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