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How To Throw Parties That Rock - Party Planner

Updated: Sep 21, 2023

Have you always wanted to invite your friends and colleagues over for your birthday party or wanted to throw a party at the office for your staff to celebrate a milestone or to reward your staff hard-work for goals achieved by your company? Whether you are hiring a #partyplanner or handling the party planning on your own, here are some party rentals, services and elements you can consider including to make it rock!

Here are important thing a party planner considers:

Event Space Available For Your Party

One of the first thing to take into consideration is the event venue space available. A bigger space will require a higher budget to ensure that you are able to throw a party that gives your guests an immersive unforgettable experience. For example, if there is a stage available, you can consider including event lighting for both the stage and the indoor space or outdoor space, party decorations, party entertainment and to make it really magical, you can even consider to rent LED illuminated furniture.

However, If you have a smaller space, for example a meeting space at your company, you can consider converting the whole space through a wide range of party theme options, such as casino theme where the event or party planner will make arrangements to bring in the different type of casino tables and event crew (dealers) to manage the games and furthermore with this theme you can even reward the top 3 overall winners for the casino night with gifts!

Party Rentals

As mentioned, you can consider a wide list of party rentals for your party depending on the space size and the type of party you want to throw. For example, if you are throwing a disco party for your birthday, you should consider engaging a sound system rental service, disco lighting rental and if you have a good budget, even an LED dance floor. For disco lighting rental, here are the 2 basic options you can choose from.

Option A - An Inexpensive Option

  • 2 automated disco lights

  • 1 smoke machine

Option B - For Higher Budget

  • 4 moving heads on stand

  • 1 lighting console

  • 1 smoke machine

Add on options you can consider:

  • Mirror ball on a 2.5m truss stand and one light to shine on it

  • 2-4 additional moving head lights

For option B) there is a need to hire an experienced lighting programmer who will professionally manage the party disco lighting throughout the party through the use of the lighting console. A passionate lighting programmer will synchronise the disco lights to the music, which you will find gives you and your guests an even better than what you get at discos!

Party Decorations

Whether you are throwing a party for your family and friends at your house, an office party for your guests or a pool party, engaging a party decoration service is one of the basic things to consider. If it is a small space without a stage, for example at an office space, condominium or at your home, and are on a tight budget, you can get your family, friends and staff to help you get the party space decorated. However, if you do not have the time, provide your budget to the party planner who will propose a list of decoration options and elements that you can choose from. For a bigger space, be prepared to pay higher party decoration service fees as there will be more decor needed to decorate the bigger space, the party venue entrance and if there is one, the stage as well.

The party planner that you engage will usually propose to decorate your party space with entrance arches, balloon backdrops, banners, cutouts, LED illuminated furniture and for a higher budget even the tables and chairs can be decorated.

Party Food And Drinks - Catering

Depending on the type of cuisine you prefer, you also have to take into consideration if you require the food to be halal for your Muslim friends and colleagues, if you want vegetarian food to cater to the vegans and if you want alcoholic drinks to be included as well. There are party planners in Singapore who will source for a reliable caterer whom they have engaged in the past with guaranteed good delicious food, coordinate everything from start to finish however leave the payment matters directly between you and the caterer. For birthday parties, a birthday party planner may also recommend you to a custom cake baker who can bake a wonderful surprise for the birthday boy or girl!

We have many past blogs that can give you awesome ideas for your party such as on party themes, types of parties you can throw and touch on more details for the type of party rental and also party decoration ideas to give you a more detailed insight into what you can include for your special event. Feel free to browse through our 'Party Planner' categories or choose from the shortlist of blogs you can find below.


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