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7 Expert Tips for Planning a Conference Event Like a Pro Conference Organizer

Updated: Jan 4

There are many things that one needs to know in planning a conference event. Expert #conferenceorganizers have the in-depth knowledge and the experience to ensure event success. A professional #conferenceorganizer is able quickly understand the client's goals and will recommend conference event elements needs and requirements accordingly.

Here are 7 expert tips for planning a conference event like a pro conference organizer.

Conference Event Venue

Choosing the right event venue is critical in ensuring conference event success. For example, if you want it to have a more professional atmosphere, you could opt for an indoor venue with enough sitting space for the expected number of guests. However, if you prefer a more open and casual atmosphere, you can even opt for an outdoor venue with miscellaneous furniture laid out for guests to choose if they want to sit or stand. However, for an outdoor option always have a standby fall back sheltered area in case of bad weather. If you have chosen to work with a conference organizer, you can let them know of your requirements and let them suggest the conference venue to you or you may have already booked a conference venue and let them handle the rest for you.

Conference Event Organizer Budget

Deciding on the conference event budget is an essential part of conference event planning. If this is an event that attendees have to pay to attend, it is important to keep the costs low so you do not have to charge a high ticket fee which in turn makes the conference event for affordable. If you have decided to work with a conference organizer it is important to let them know on the conference budget you have for the entire event so they can provide you with a list of event elements that meets your budget.

Conference Audiovisual Rental

Deciding on the right conference audiovisual equipment rental is key to ensuring conference event success. For example, for a higher budget instead of renting a projector for the conference event, you can instead rent a LED video wall which will definitely give better visuals for your guests. It will also elevate your conference event to the next level. You will also need the right conference event lights and sound. For a larger space and number of guests, you will probably need more lights and sound equipment. If you have engaged a conference event company or an audiovisual rental company, let them know of the event details and the venue location and leave everything to them to suggest. Providing them a budget for your conference event will also help them to recommend the right conference audiovisual equipment. For example, if you have a higher budget, they will recommend you go with a LED video wall.

Conference Event Entertainment Hire

Depending on the type of conference event, the duration of the event and the conference event budget, you may choose to include event entertainment. Singers and dancers are usually more popular options for conference events. You can include one 30 minutes slot or two 15 minutes slots for singers and dancers to perform for your guests. This can be beneficial as:

  • it enhances the guests' conference event experience

  • it provides some downtime for guests to mingle or take a break

  • it can leave positive lasting impressions especially if the right event entertainment was chosen for the conference event

VIP Guests Accommodation and Airport Transfers

For international conferences, it is important to ensure that accommodations and airport transfers have been arranged for your overseas VIP guests. Conference organizers have the right contacts through their experience in the events industry in ensuring that the scheduling and bookings are in order and that the professional chauffeurs have been hired to transport the VIP guests to and from the airport to their hotels. For VIP guests convenience, the chauffeurs can even be assigned to them throughout their stay.

Conference Translator Booth Hire

For international conference where there are speakers of different languages, it is necessary to hire a conference translator booth for each language that needs to be translated. If you have engaged a conference organizer for your event, you can request them to include a translator booth for you. As translator booths do not come cheap, ensure you have appropriated a budget for this service.

Conference Event Promotion

For a conference events where ticket sales are required, it is important to have a strategy on how to promote the event to the targeted audience. There are many ways to go about doing this for example, through word of mouth, social media, targeted pamphlet distribution and even video invites and promotions that can be sent through Whatsapp if you have a contact numbers of the specific group of people you wish to invite to the conference event. You can choose to so this on your own or you can leave it to your conference organizer as conference organizers have the expertise to assist you in this area too.


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