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3 Tips For Organizing An Inspiring Conference Or Seminar Event

Updated: Sep 21, 2023

When it comes to organizing an event like a conference or seminar, people often forget to see the amount of work and effort gone into setting up the whole arrangement. If you come out of a conference or seminar feeling enthralled, chances are, along with the information exchange that helped you learn a few things, the whole arrangement made by the #eventorganiser was top notch. There is a very thin line between keen attention and distraction. In a conference, it is important to make sure that no such distraction or disturbance takes place in the venue which would distract the audience and ultimately fail to achieve the event and client's goal.

Here are the 3 main points that an event organizer focuses on when they are organizing a conference or seminar.

Choosing the Venue

The venue of a conference or seminar could be in a hotel or an auditorium depending on the event’s goals, intent and the number of expected attendees. For an event that has specific requirements and requires the least or no distractions, an indoor space is always preferred. Indoor spaces are the best for conferences and seminars as it would prevent noise and unnecessary distraction. The AV company will ensure that the AV equipment rented for the conference or seminar is compatible with the venue and able to meet the client's requirements. The client should also ensure that the chosen venue has enough seating for the expected crowd. Nothing spoils a seminar more than the sight of attendees standing at the end of the auditorium grumbling about not having enough seats. Event organizers in Singapore can provide you with venue options that they recommend for seminars and conferences according to the client's needs.

The Audio Fine-tuning

The most important factor to consider is the audio clarity and proper soundproofing of the venue. The host and attendees need to be able to understand each other and make the most out of the knowledge sharing session. Using the best quality high-end sound equipment that is unlikely to have any technical difficulty is very important here. Your event organiser will offer you the best suited AV equipment for conference or seminars packaged into a discounted price with all other conference and seminar event rental requirements. Event companies who also specialise in AV rental are always updated and depending on your needs and budgets, will offer not only the latest audio equipment like mics, mixers, speakers, etc manufactured by trusted brands but also very well-maintained AV equipment from their sister AV rental companies who they have worked with for a long time. They would also help you set it up properly so that the distribution of the sound is uniform and clear to all the attendees. Experienced sound video and lighting technicians with proven track records in the events industry will be deployed to ensure a hassle-free event from start to finish.

Putting Up a Visual Treat

Most of the people who are presenting a study or hosting a conference would have visual aids prepared to make sure the audience understands what they are trying to impart more clearly. Hence it is absolutely crucial to have visual tools to present content to the audience. Renting of LED walls, projectors, big TV screens and etc would be a good idea to awe your audience. Events like TEDx talks can use LED walls where the contributor can play videos, presentations, and images that can help with his agenda which would create a huge impact as compared to a small tv screen. And if the number of attendees is more than a hundred, consider having a big screen where the entire event is live-streamed for the benefit of people sitting in the back. A small upgrade in the AV equipment for conference or seminar can fetch you enormous positive feedback from the audience.

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If you are planning on arranging a seminar or conference for your organization and don’t think that you can manage by yourselves, Electric Dreamz offers a one stop solution for you. We are a reliable one-stop solution event production company that produces and provides conference services and seminar services throughout Singapore and in the South-east Asian region.

Here is a short video on our event production.

We can help you make your event a memorable one by making the most out of the budget specification with our customized deals. Just let us know the kind of set design you want to have in your event and we will make sure that you have it. We also help in planning and arranging specific conference and seminar requirements which include audiovisual rental, equipment rental, event crew, event logistics, and other business events services. As a successful event organiser in Singapore, the trick of setting up the road for an effective intellectual and creative exchange is one of our strongest points.

Here is a short video on some of our latest events.

Feel free to contact us at +65 6683 9541 or email us at To know more about our event company, visit us at Electric Dreamz. Alternatively to find out more about our event organising services for conferences and seminars please visit our event organiser page.

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