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The Devastating Results - You Become How Others Treat You

Updated: Aug 15, 2022

Electric Dreamz is an expert team building event company for fun and effective team building and bonding games and activities.

When planning a corporate event in Singapore— the focus primarily centers around team building activities which is of course a desirable goal in the workplace. As experienced event planners in the corporate sector, the Electric Dreamz team knows the value of activities that acts to break down stereotypes at work.

Detrimental Effects of Stereotyping at Workplaces

Stereotyping is when people make assumptions about one another based on a person’s gender, religion, culture or physical attributes — and it leads to a series of detrimental effects — like a loss of productivity, increased negativity and high staff turnover.

Short Role Play Game

Some role-playing games can take up the entire time-frame of an event — as is with a Murder Mystery party — that plays out over the course of three to four hours. But — ask your event company for shorter activities and games that can achieve a similar impact, if not more. This activity can be used as an icebreaker to get employees to mingle and can take as little as 10-20 minutes depending on your time-frame for reflection.

This game is called — “You become how others treat you/ You become the label you wear,” — the name says it all — people consciously and unconsciously respond and interact according to prejudice they hold. This in turn shapes who we are.

How To Play

The concept is simple — print a series of classic ‘labels’ that targets the spectrum that may cause possible discrimination. This can be a person’s gender, religion, culture, physical attributes or rank. You can also assign labels that include illness or disability. Eg. Pilot, HIV-positive, Single-Mother, Hindu, White Male, Secretary, Addict, etc.

Each player will wear a label on their forehead, which is not visible to themselves. Players will be instructed never to announce what is written on the labels during the game or to verbalize it directly.

Stick the labels on their foreheads with some temporary adhesive, ask players to keep their eyes closed until the last label is stuck on.

company team building games
Team Building Games for Companies

Create a scenario that forces the team to interact and make choices that will ultimately lead to a process of selection and inevitably also discrimination.

Scenario example — Everyone is on a cruise ship which is busy sinking, the lifeboats can only carry 20% of the team present, safely to a nearby island. Who gets to be saved?

Once the rules and scenario are explained, set a time frame and let the games begin where the team can act out their scenario. The players will get to organize themselves completely without interference, so that — ‘nature can run its course’. An event company facilitator can quietly observe the dynamics unfolding in order to share reflective feedback. It is always an excellent idea to appoint an external event facilitator from an event company for this team building game and activity to allow absolute neutrality. This will have a more positive effect on your staff especially when it comes to sharing this reflective feedback based on observations throughout this team building activity.

In our next blog we will look at some ‘label’ examples and suggest post-reflective questions that may stimulate awareness and learning for this game. Good event planners can do all the thinking for you — our job is to solve your party problems.

Looking for an event company to help you plan and manage your next staff team building and team bonding event in Singapore or to offer you an exciting and fun overseas retreat proposal?

Visit our team building and retreats page for more info. Feel free to contact us for a free quote and proposal or get in touch with us at +6566839541.

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