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Event Production Company Tips: 5 Basic Things to Consider Including for Roadshows

Updated: Apr 24

Roadshows are a great way to promote a business, product or service and to create awareness. Roadshows are usually held at locations where there are lots of people walking through. #Eventproductioncompanies usually recommend places near train stations, near bus interchanges, at shopping malls or in the city area. Roadshows are usually held either during weekends or after office hours. You may choose to engage an event production company to handle everything or you may engage them for the supply of specific roadshow event rental and service needs.

Here is an event that our #eventproductioncompany was engaged for to supply the stage, backdrop, sound system, furniture and videography.

Here are 5 event production company tips on the basic things you should consider including for your next roadshow event.

Especially if it is for creating awareness or promoting a service or product.

Roadshow Stage Rental

Stage rental is recommended as this is where the main focus of the crowd of people will be and where the main message can be delivered from. The size of the stage depends on the size of the area provided. The measurements have to be communicated to the event production company to ensure that the backdrop length is according to the stage length. It usually takes around two hours to setup the stage and backdrop. Event production companies will coordinate to ensure the roadshow stage is setup first before the backdrop arrives to the roadshow event venue.

Roadshow Backdrop Fabrication

Backdrops are essential to let people know what type of event it will be and the content that will be delivered during the event. The size depends entirely on the stage length. The design can either be submitted by you or the event production company designer will come up with a design according to your requirements. Preferably the design from clients have to submitted at least 1-2 weeks before event to ensure there will be ample time for amendments if required.

Roadshow Furniture Rental

Tables and chairs are usually required if you are looking to have registration tables and a seating area. You can either go for the cheaper plastic chairs with covers or better looking chairs such as Tiffany chairs. The setup crew will liaise with the client on the seating arrangement and will setup as neatly as possible to ensure uniformity.

Roadshow Sound System Rental

Sound system is key for any live event including roadshows. Depending on the roadshow venue area and the number of people expected the number of speakers rented varies. It can be a simple one speaker portable PA system or many more speakers for a larger expected crowd. The event production company will include a soundman to manage the sound system throughout the roadshow. Clients can request the number of microphones required. For question and answer sessions it is also more convenient to have an additional microphone for the crowd.

Roadshow Videographer and Photographer Hire

A videographer and photographer will capture moments in the roadshow that will also be important for future marketing purposes including for social media. They will compile and provide a hardcopy usually though a thumb-drive. Upon request they can also provide a video reel or a photo montage of the event. Any additional video editing may incur additional costs depending on the complexity of the editing. For additional editing requirements ensure that you communicate this to the event production company prior to the event during the planning and quoting phase.


Here is a video by our event production company showing some of our event setups.

Visit our event company YouTube page for more videos.

Feel free to contact us to find out more about our event management company or visit our event organizer page for more about our event production services in Singapore.


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