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This Is How To Design A Vintage Ice Cream Or Drinks Bar For Retro Theme Events

Updated: Aug 15, 2022

Vintage Ice Cream and Drinks Bar Design for Retro Theme Parties and Events

This week the Electric Dreamz team further embroiders on the Vintage theme for events and special celebrations with particular focus on creating a Vintage bar. A Vintage theme bar is a bang-up idea for an event, even if your beverage menu is non-alcoholic. Remember that a bar is not solely a place or counter area where only drinks are served — it can also be an ice-cream bar or a soda bar which explodes with color and heyday delights.

Retro Theme Decor

Picture this — Smokey mirrors, a tufted leather couch, brass and glass finishes, some cigar boxes, beautiful crystal decanters and chrome martini shakers. Bring out the silver trays, velvet coasters and drink trolleys. Your cocktail menu is the most exciting part, last week we shared some classic Vintage cocktail recipes, now is your chance to really bring back a blast from the past.

Event companies rent out key pieces of furniture or room decor like chesterfield couches or a velvet chaise longue. DIY exotic décor items — spray some glass bottles with antique gold and insert arrangements of feathers; feather was a big thing in the 1920’s, peacock, ostrich, wild pheasant.

Event Company Make Anything Possible

You would want to see some sepia photographs of explorers or Gatsby dames on the wall. An event company can make almost anything happen in terms of design and creative visuals. Leave it to the event design experts, we can source, print and frame some images of fine line drawings in sportsmanship, gentleman engaged in a game of cricket or polo, dressed to the nines.

If you can somehow manage to imitate a fur draped over a sofa or get your hands on a billiard or felt card table, that would be first prize!

Retro Theme Music

Apart from the visual, nothing quite sets the mood like the right retro music to match your event. Quality sound equipment and operation is essential to the success of an event. Choose classic musicians of the time — Josephine Baker, the infamous Louis Armstrong and an absolute must is The Wolverines — a Midwest American Jazz band who rocked the 20’s.

Here is a fun video on what you need to rent for a disco party.

Non-Alcoholic Bar Option

Now, let’s move onto the 1950’s to a lighter, brighter, more family friendly and a non-alcoholic option — the Soda and Ice-cream Bar. Vintage metal plaque signage like the classic Coca-Cola, Root Beer and Lemonade will really seal the deal in creating a classic Vintage soda bar. You can of course get away by simply printing replica posters of these iconic images. See a black and white checkered floor, chrome bar stools with red, soft pink or lime green cushions.

An America Diner-style, think glass bottles filled with any color of soda imaginable and red and white, barber-striped straws. Scoops of ice cream piled into think glass banana boats or towered into a Hot Fudge Sundae with cherry on top.

Put on those blue jeans and toss a coin in the jukebox, your Vintage party is about to start.

Retro Tungsten String Lighting

Thinking of having a vintage or retro themed private house party, wedding or dinner and dance event on a small budget?

How about including vintage tungsten globe string lighting for your event? It is an inexpensive event element that goes with any vintage and retro theme event and will definitely set a festive mood for your guests. Globe string lights can be installed around signage, event backdrops, stage backdrops and even strung up around the room and hall ceilings or walls. All you need is available power points and you are set!

Globe string lights are also great for an outdoor backyard or front lawn party or wedding! Here is an event where we were engaged for our tungsten string lighting rental service for a house party.

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