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This Is How You Make Your Own Vintage Theme

Updated: Aug 15, 2022

Make A New And Authentic Theme For The Ultimate Vintage Party

If you have decided to go with a Vintage theme for your your special occasion, wedding or birthday party — the Electric Dreamz team have a few fantastic tips and ideas to help you come up with your own Vintage theme. Vintage is about unique items that marks a specific time, something that is at least twenty years old and still holds the charm of its day.

Creating a Vintage Atmosphere

A Vintage atmosphere is about furniture pieces, clothing, music, crockery and cutlery and your cuisine. The most popular objects of choice are usually retro lamps, radios, suitcases, clothing, mannequins or even a classic automobile — if you can get your hands on one. We aspire to give you a vision of how to come up with your own Vintage theme.

It’s as simple as that, you want to create an atmosphere that takes your guests not only back in time but also give them the feeling, food and culture of that time. Any new discovery like Polaroid pictures, a typewriter, a walk-man or bubble-gum was news-worthy. You pick the theme components and assemble your decor, menu, and music accordingly.

Consumer Culture

Back in the day, we used to harvest according to the season and not mass-produce or force nature to give us yields outside of its natural order. Any new product like ice-cream, Coca-Cola or jelly was an absolute wonder and discovery. We didn’t have the consumer culture and endless product variety available to us as we do today. Oh boy — when jelly first came out — it was the most exciting thing ever and almost every food type was tried and tested into a recipe version of this miracle called gelatin. Remember those crazy cucumber gelatin rings or mackerel and tuna cold mousse set in a fish shape.

Vintage Theme Food Items

The basic idea is to combine a food item and a classical figure, icon or object which represents that specific era. Picture this as one — Peaches and Pin-ups — soft peach gingham fabric, spring-green and a duck-yellow color palette with Vintage Pin-up posters all around. When it was peach season, there would be so much in bulk — that festivals, fairs and parties were dominated by peaches. Peach jam, peach ice-tea, peach tarts, peach pies, peach ice-cream and stewed casseroles with peaches. To top it all off — a Miss Peach Beauty contest with lovely curvy ladies with healthy cheeks and kick-out skirts.

It’s some special kind of party math — food + icon + object of interest = Awesome Vintage Party Theme!

This theme can of course be adapted according to any fruit and color — cherries and plums or strawberries. Even a vegetable choice like pumpkin, open-ups a fantastic catering and decoration scope for a Vintage Party. Keep in mind that the time frame is very wide 1920’s- 1999, therefor a Pin-up girl can be replaced by an iconic figure like Stallone, Chuck Norris, Che Quevara, Clark Gable or Marilyn Monroe.

Here are some Vintage theme ideas

  • Plums & Pin-Ups

  • Pin-ups & Pumpkin-pie

  • Cherries & Cigars

  • Polka-dots & Pop-sickles

  • Chaplin & Cherry-Pie

  • Bubblegum and Beatles

  • Madonna & M-TV

  • Polaroids & Pop Music

  • Cadillacs & Kennedy’s Candy-Stripes

For Singapore, you may consider holding a Retro theme party like,

  • Back To The 80s

  • Disco Night

  • It's Retro Night!

  • Music Through The Decades

  • MTV Party Night!

and more!

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