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Bring Back The Forgotten — In With The Old: Vintage Theme Event Ideas

Updated: Aug 15, 2022

Vintage Theme Ideas For Your Events: Out With The New — In With The Old

The charm of carefully selected Vintage décor, clothing and memorabilia can add a great atmosphere to an event or special occasion. Man has always been fascinated with things of the past — the mystery and wonderment in the ideal of how things were back then. A Vintage theme can be applied to almost any event or occasion — be it a wedding, birthday, office party, a dinner and dance, a product launch or the anniversary of a special day.

But what makes something a vintage item?

Vintage does not necessarily mean old. The word Vintage actually come from the Latin word for wine and the French word for wine harvest; vendage. It was first used in the 15th century and generally refers to a vintage of at least fifteen to twenty years. So — Vintage does not necessarily mean old. It is a label attributed to something that gained more value with time passing or it is appreciated more because it remains valuable despite the passing of time.

Vintage vs Antique

Vintage is not the same as antique, an antique is something that is classified as older than one hundred years. A Vintage object will be at least twenty years old and belongs to some previous generation. The general rule of thumb is that something antique can be termed vintage but something vintage is not necessarily antique.

Sourcing for Vintage Theme Items and Props

Fantastic things, such as vintage globe string lighting can be rented from event companies. Also try film and theater companies whom have accumulated rare and unusual pieces of furniture or memorabilia for exactly this purpose of re-creating an era gone by. If you have the luxury of time to prepare for your event, scavenge thrift shops, garage or junk sales and don’t forget your grandparents’ home.

Vintage Theme Budget

Going with a Vintage theme can be either a way of saving money on décor, cutlery and crockery or be a theme that spares no expense to the party planner. It all depends on what you want. If you want to hire a genuine, 1959 soft-top Cadilac Eldorado to serve as a photo booth prop — you will have to spend a pretty penny.

For the budget conscious party planner — a quality printed cardboard stand will also suffice — such as the kind you’re used to seeing at theme parks or arcades. Remember the 'cheesy' photo props, typically of a strong man or bikini-body girl with the head cut out? You could pose as the character by sticking your head through the cut-out, cheesy but always fun.

Dinner and Dance Theme Ideas

Themes for events such as company dinner and dance events can be applied to a wide variety of event elements such as event decoration, posters, backdrops, photo booths, games and even pre-event activities! For customised event elements the cost is much higher due to the design works that will be required to ensure every item matches the unique event theme selected.

Event companies will have the ability to cater according to small and big budgets whilst making your party the most memorable experience ever.

In next week’s blog we will explore some budget and some over the top — OTT — Vintage Party Ideas.

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