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Corporate Team Building Singapore | Corporate Retreat | Why Choose us - 5 Key Points

Updated: Aug 12, 2022

Are you looking for expert and professional corporate team building companies in Singapore who are cost effective and can provide effective unique team building activities and team bonding games for your company? Or might you be looking for corporate retreat organisers for both local or overseas destinations? Here are 5 key factors on why Electric Dreamz is the right corporate team building event company or corporate retreat organiser for you!



Electric Dreamz is an event company for corporate team building in Singapore and a corporate retreat organiser who can offer professional corporate team building activities, effective team bonding games and exciting corporate retreat destinations at low cost. We offer our professional service at low cost while maintaining high quality team building services and corporate retreat organising services and delivery. We provide unique activities and games, including corporate retreats, crafting detailed and effective corporate team building proposals and corporate retreat proposals.



Electric Dreamz is a reliable one stop quality solution for corporate team building in Singapore and corporate retreat both locally and overseas. We customise and craft unique proposals according to the existing needs and special requirements of our clients, providing effective team building activities and team bonding games both locally and overseas through corporate retreats. Here is our fun corporate team building video:



As a professional and reliable one stop quality solution corporate team building and corporate retreat organiser in Singapore, we craft customised, detailed, attractive and exciting proposals with which clients can visualise their event from start to finish and understand exactly what they are paying for.



As a reliable and professional one stop quality solution event company for corporate team building and corporate retreat in Singapore for corporate team building activities and team bonding games both locally and overseas, we offer an attractive variety of value-added services which includes customised survey forms for both employees and higher management staff, customised video invites, attendance update service and message alert and reminder service for attendees.


The Electric Dreamz Team is a group of passionate individuals who always endeavour to exceed client expectations in everything that we do, from the planning stage to the execution, management and delivery of all our event services and products. To Electric Dreamz an event is not just an event but, a continuous endeavour to exceed expectations to leave lasting impressions!


Please feel free to contact us for a non-obligatory discussion or to request for a proposal and quotation for Corporate Team Building Activities, Team Bonding Games and Corporate Retreat requirement through our website contact page, you may contact us at, or call us at +65 8586 0502.

We regularly update our blog and post new fun short promotional videos. Follow us on Facebook or subscribe to Electric Dreamz Youtube channel and if you enjoyed the video, send us a like on our event company Facebook page. You may also follow us on our event company and event company blogs at:

Thanks for the kind read and have a great day!

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