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Event Management Company: Benefits Of Engaging An Events Partner In Singapore On A Long Term Basis

Updated: Aug 13, 2022

How does engaging an event management company as a long term events partner benefit you and your company for your events in Singapore?

Here is a fun video by Electric Dreamz, a professional and experienced event management company in Singapore, explaining some of these benefits.

3 of the main benefits you get from an event management company in Singapore that has been appointed as a long term event partner for your events are:

  • Low Cost Events

  • Transparency

  • Personalised Service



An #eventmanagementcompany that has been appointed as an event partner for you and your company will provide you with lower event element costs to nurture and build a long-lasting strong and mutually beneficial business relationship.

An event partner will provide you with special discounted rates that otherwise you will never get when you engage event management companies on an ad hoc basis.

The usual tendency by clients is to:

  1. Mass mail out to as many event management companies and event suppliers to request for quotes without providing budgets.

  2. Work with existing event management companies and event suppliers but to request for 2 to 4 more quotations as is company policy.

  3. Request for event proposals along with event quotations from as many event management companies as possible without providing budgets.

Experienced event management companies usually do not take these request for quotes seriously and mostly do reply with quotations but usually, without budgets, do not provide best quotes possible. In these cases, they will usually only provide 'Standard Quotations'.

Furthermore, whenever event management companies receive requests for proposals to be accompanied with quotations, those event management companies who do reply usually only provide 'Standard Quotations' for your consideration and acceptance.

Why does an event management company sometimes not submit the event proposal with the event quotation to clients upon an email request?

An event management company that has been approached and has been requested to submit a quotation and proposal will usually request for the acceptance of the quotation first as the proposal and idea is the very product that the event management company is selling for event packages.

Requesting for proposal before accepting the quotation is like asking for the delivery of an idea before acceptance and payment. Event management companies are usually wary especially because providing detailed event proposals could mean:

  1. Clients can use that idea and proceed with the event on their own.

  2. Clients can provide that idea to their existing event partner to execute, as their event partner may have run out of new ideas after many years of servicing their client.

Here is an interesting blog by Electric Dreamz related to this topic titled:

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Appointing an event management company as a long term event partner for your events in Singapore has many benefits.

An event partner will usually be transparent and will even share information of their costs and instead discuss on an overall service fee depending on:

  • The number of event elements

  • The scope of work required

  • The scale of event

  • The duration of event

An experienced, reliable and professional one stop quality solution event management company that has been appointed as an event partner can save you money for event packages and even if you require a single item for your upcoming event.

This includes for:

  • Event Planning and Management

  • AV Equipment Rental

  • Event Equipment Rental

  • Fabrication

  • Event Entertainment

  • Event Decoration

  • Event Crew and Manpower

and all other event services!

Appointing an event management company as a long term event partner for your company events in Singapore also gives you the additional benefit of being provided a breakdown of actual costs and leaves the decision of deciding on the event management services fees, through an open discussion between the client and the event management company.

Here is an example of how a dinner and dance event quotation with breakdown of costs will look like, including the 'pending discussion' indication on the event management services fees.

Transparency works both ways! To build a healthy long term mutually beneficial business relationship both the event management and the client have to work together in an open manner to achieve true success!

Here is a blog by Electric Dreamz titled:

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Working with an event management company on a long term basis nurtures a business relationship into one that is personalised, a 5-star service!

A personalised service means an event management company has come to understand your needs and requirements on a personal and deeper level.

An event management company serving you over a long period of them has the knowledge of your company's past events history to be able to continually come up with new ideas which means attractive and unique event packages for you.

For example, if an event management company has been providing dinner and dance services for a particular client over a number of years, the event management company will have the unique knowledge of past dinner and dance event elements, for example, type of event entertainment, dinner and dance themes, pre-event activities and etc., so as not to repeat that particular event element again.

Most importantly you will not have to repeat to a new event management company and recall back past event elements to ensure that the event package and proposal does not have repeat items.

Furthermore, committee members sometimes are newly appointed and may consists of new company staff who only have limited knowledge of past events and history and may not have adequate information to pass on to the event management company to ensure no repeat event elements.

Here is a blog by Electric Dreamz on:

3 Reasons Why Engaging Event Management Companies Not Only Lower Your Event Services Cost But Also Guarantee Quality Successful Events


If It's Not Broken, Don't Change it!

An event management company that has been continually servicing and providing you with high quality events at reasonable rates is the ideal event partner you want to continue working with on a long term basis. If you are already working with such an event company, stick with them as there is no point going over the process of engaging a new event management company just for the sake of trying something new!

Event Budgets

To provide you with continuous high quality events an event partner can work more effectively with event budgets. Event management companies have close working relationships with event suppliers and have strong contacts and work with affiliated companies with whom they can negotiate attractive rates and provide you with attractive event element quotations and rates. Providing budgets do actually get you better rates!

Here is another interesting blog by Electric Dreamz on:

9 Key Points That Make An Event Company In Singapore The Right Choice For Your Events


About Electric Dreamz - Event Management Company in Singapore

Electric Dreamz is a professional, reliable and low cost one stop quality solution event management company for all live events, including social events and corporate events in Singapore.

Electric Dreamz is an event management company that:

  1. Has the events industry experience and know-how

  2. Is uniquely adapted

  3. Has the right event industry contacts

  4. Works with affiliated event suppliers

to be the ideal event partner for your company events in Singapore!

"Turning Dreams Into Reality, Through Innovation And Creativity."

The Electric Dreamz team believes in 3 core values and apply these in everything that we do:




Are you looking for a reliable and professional event management company in Singapore for your company events?

Get in touch!


Electric Dreamz provides:

  • Personalised Service

  • Professional Service

  • Low Cost Service

  • 24 Hours Service


We regularly update our event management company blogs and upload fun promotional videos. Feel free to subscribe and follow us on our event company Facebook page to receive latest updates.

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