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Top 5 Must-Have Elements that Corporate Event Planners include for a Successful Opening Day Ceremony

Event planners are specialists in planning corporate events of any type for any business. Through experience and expert event managers, #corporateeventplanners are able to deliver high quality hassle-free events for their clients.

Here are the top 5 event elements that corporate event planners include for a successful opening day ceremony.

Event Stage and Backdrop or LED Video Wall

One of the most common event elements that are always included by corporate event planners for opening day ceremonies are the event stage and event backdrop. For a higher budget, opening day ceremony clients will rent an LED video wall to make it even grander. If it is an indoor venue with a possible dark environment when lights are dimmed, a projector and screen is also a great option that corporate event planners consider to include for corporate events.

Ribbon Cutting

event planners singapore - ribbon cutting
Ribbon Cutting - Event Planners

Ribbon cutting is a very important element that corporate event planners include for opening day ceremonies. It is an important part of any opening day ceremony. Queue poles are sometimes used by #eventplanners to tie on the ends of the ribbon and to hold them in place. A special big scissors, usually gold in colour is provided to the VIP guest or guests to do the honours.

Opening Ceremony Emcee

An experienced emcee is engaged by event planners to host the opening day ceremony. He is provided the programme, is the lead, and together with the event coordinator or event manager, ensures that the programme is run smoothly from start to finish. He will be the announcer and make the necessary introductions. The emcee will also at times engage the guests to give out special opening day gifts to create a buzz and excitement. Clients on a higher budget will sometimes engage a local celebrity and sometimes use this to promote the event and gain more publicity especially through social media. There are times when clients themselves will have an appointed person from their company to lead the event.

Grand Opening Ceremony Dragon Dance Performance

Opening ceremony events are usually short in duration. As such any event entertainment included should only take up a small part of the event. Opening ceremony dragon dance performance is usually a popular option for many companies in Singapore. Dragon dance performance to special events such as the Chinese new year and special events is the Chinese culture and as such event planners will usually recommend it and include this as part of the grand opening ceremony event.

AV Equipment Rental for Grand Opening

AV equipment rental for grand opening is a key element that grand opening event planners include for events. Sound system and lights for grand opening ceremonies enhance these events to the next level. These create a festive mood and give guests an immersive unforgettable experience. Corporate event planners usually include these in their grand opening proposals and quotations to clients. It is important to ensure that the AV equipment for grand opening run smoothly with no interruptions throughout the event. A professional and experienced event planner will ensure that thorough pre-event tests are carried out by the AV technicians and will oversee to ensure every test is carried out. Sometimes clients are also present during this process.

Here is a fun video by our event management company on AV equipment for events.


Here is a video on a recent opening ceremony where Electric Dreamz was engaged to provide AV equipment, event rentals and event crew for our client.

Visit our event company YouTube page for more videos.

Feel free to contact us to find out more about our event management company or visit our corporate event planner page to find out more about our corporate event planning services in Singapore.


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