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How professional corporate event planners plan a corporate event

Updated: Dec 19, 2022

A corporate event is an event that is sponsored by a company and aimed at its employees or clients. Corporate events are typically meant for entertaining or rewarding their staff, launching new products and establishing partnerships. Some examples of corporate events include trade shows, client or employee appreciation events, conferences and team-building events. While some corporations choose to entrust such meetings to an in-house event planner, others hire an external #corporateeventplanner.

Here are key points that corporate event planners consider for corporate events.

Putting together a corporate event

The main purpose of a corporate event is to bring people together. Every corporate event has a set of objectives and it is important that the event be planned such that it achieves its objectives. For example, the main objectives of a corporate Dinner and Dance event is to show appreciation to the employees and encourage team bonding. The programme and activities for the event must then be tailored to achieve these objectives. Below is a checklist you can use when producing corporate events of any scale or format.

1. Choose a strategic location

This rule applies to any corporate event. No matter who the audience is, the location plays a big role in helping your guests feel relaxed. The location may be a traditional ballroom in a hotel or a modern art gallery. Regardless of what you choose, it should meet the objectives of your event and the needs of your guests. You can always request for recommendations from an event company appointed as your corporate #eventplanner.

2. Align your event objectives

Gaining good exposure is the ultimate goal for product launch events, whereas for employee appreciation events, it is about creating enjoyable and memorable experiences for employees. It is crucial that you or your appointed event planner has the goal in mind when planning the event. Reflect on what is important to build more tailored corporate events for your customers.

3. Use technology to help you

Nowadays, there are software and applications designed to help you manage your events. For example, there are software that help you track event registrations and send out reminders to your guests. Using event planning technologies that help you automate some of these administrative tasks will give you more control, lower your costs and allow you to analyse certain event metrics.

4. Build relationships

Your event's success depends very much on the people working on it. Whether you're a seasoned professional corporate event planner or an enthusiastic novice, building a good network of trustworthy vendors and suppliers will go a long way. If your vendor who offers #corporateeventplanning services outsources certain tasks, make sure that their suppliers are reliable.

5. Promote your event

Promoting your event is important for you to attract sufficient number of target audience to your event. The number of attendees is often used as a success indicator for an event. Some of the channels you can use include social media (you can use Facebook groups and LinkedIn groups to target people of a particular interest), and internal communications channels if your event is targeted at employee groups. You can also hire event promoters or event management companies to handle everything for you at the budget you have allocated for the event.


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