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Meet the Team: A Look Inside the Dynamic Staff of an Event Company in Singapore

Choosing the right event company for your events is crucial to guarantee event success. Ideally, it should be an event company that has experienced staff with at least 10 years in the events industry. An #eventcompany with excellent reputation in the events industry.

Event companies that guarantee event success are ones that,

  • are great at understanding your needs and requirements

  • have loads of events experience

  • strive to go beyond expectations to leave lasting impressions

Here is a fun video by our event company that touches on this topic.

Here are the people who work at an event company to bring your ideas to life.

Event Company Director

The director is the team leader who is the decision-maker. He has the final say on everything related to the event. The event company director passes on instructions and delegates the work to his team. The director is sometimes also the owner of the company. The director is usually also the one who decides on the costs and on the estimates submitted to clients for their events.

Event Manager

The event manager is usually one of the most experienced staff in an event company. The event manager takes charge of the day to day administrative work and micro manages his event team's work. The event manager is in charge of event planning and ensures everything is moving forward according to schedule. The event manager is also the one who liaises with the client, the event venue management and the different vendors who have been engaged for the event. In an event company, the event manager is also the one who delegates specific tasks to the individual team members according to their expertise to ensure everything is handled to the best of everyone's ability. The event manager is also the one who will coordinate the delivery, setup and teardown phase to ensure everything is according to plan. The event manager will also be the contact person and manage the event on the event day to ensure everything is running smoothly from start to finish according to the event programme.

Event Coordinator / Assistant Event Manager

The event coordinator can also be known as the assistant event manager as he or she assists the event manager in their work as mentioned above. The event manager will delegate some of his or her work to the event coordinator or assistant event manager such as coordinating with the vendors and overseeing some of the work that has been delegated to the other team members to ensure everything is moving forward smoothly and according to schedule. The event coordinator or assistant event manager can also take charge on-site if the event company has more than one event on that day.

Event Designer

The event designer takes charge of the design requirements of the event such as the banner or backdrop design. The event designer also takes charge when there are printed material requirements for the event especially for event marketing and event branding. The event designer may also take charge of any e-invite or website requirements for the event. In an event company, the event designer works closely with the event manager to ensure that all the event design needs and requirements from the event client are met. The event designer also ensures that the event designs are submitted in a timely manner for approval by the event clients.

AV Technicians

AV (audiovisual) Technicians are an essential part of any event team. AV technicians general job scope is as follows:

  1. The lighting technician or lighting programmer is for any event lighting requirements. The lighting programmer can also be the lighting designer to ensure high quality lighting effects. In an event company, the lighting programmer oversees the lighting setup crew to ensure everything is setup according to requirements. The lighting programmer expertly programmes cues in the lighting console after setup is completed and skillfully controls the lights throughout the event as required.

  2. The sound technician or soundman is for any sound system requirements. In an event company, the soundman oversees the sound equipment setup crew to ensure everything is setup according to requirements. The soundman fine-tunes the sound equipment using the audio console to ensure high quality sound throughout the event.

  3. The video technician is for any video requirements such as LED video wall and projectors. In an event company, the video technician oversees the LED wall and projector and screen setup crew to ensure everything is setup according to requirements. The video technician can also be a video operator whereby he or she controls the system according to the programme throughout the event.

Event Crew

Event crew can be the setup and teardown crew, stagehands, ushers, registration crew and etc. In an event company, the full-time event crew are usually experienced and are able to perform their tasks independently according to instructions and requirements. The setup crew work closely with the AV technicians to ensure everything is according to requirements. Depending on the clients' requirements and the scale and type of event, an event company may recommend their clients to include stagehands, ushers and registration crew. Clients also have the option to source for their own preferred AV technicians and event crew. However, it is usually cheaper and safer to go with the event company's AV technicians and event crew.


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