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This Is How To Rock Your Party With Icebreakers

Updated: Oct 13, 2022

Event companies know the tricks of the trade — icebreakers are crucial to the success of an event. How something starts is crucial to the trajectory it will take — a song, a story, a speech, a movie — an event. Almost everyone knows the simple and yet incredible intro beat to the famous Queen Song — “We Will Rock You”. It has the power to gather a stadium full of people into a single activity of clapping this distinct rhythm in unison and create immense anticipation.

So how can you achieve cohesion, excitement, a mental-reset and open-mindedness within the team at your corporate party or team building retreat?

Start off with an icebreaker that will draw the team together but at the same time break-up existing cliques and dismantle stereotypes.

The Electric Dreamz Event Company is pleased to share three very simple, yet extremely effective icebreaker games with you to make your event rock!

Name Pair Game — ManAnimal

Gather your group into a circle — select someone to kick off the game by saying his/her name and then the name of an animal starting with the same letter as their name — Sally Snake, Kim Kitten, Jason Jaguar, Pete Parrot etc. Here’s the twist— the first person says their name, then the second must repeat this said name plus their own. The game progresses clockwise where each next person must remember and repeat all the former names plus adding their own. If a participant makes a mistake, the player before them must repeat their turn, saying all the names again for the game to continue.

The Animal Kingdom is big people! There are so many choices. Go Wild!

For Sale Game

This can create a roar of laughter! Every person must write a short advertisement for themselves as if they are a commodity to be sold. Set some guidelines in terms of length of add words and a five-word tag line or heading for the add. To shake things up a bit, you can also suggest or nominate individuals to write the advertisement for someone else. These can be read aloud with great theatrics and enjoyed by everyone.

Tall Tales

Gather in a circle and get each person to make-up a sixty second introduction of the partner to their right. So yes — the information must be false, or made-up. People come up with the strangest things and sometimes unbeknownst to the speaker, some crazy tidbits might even be true. These true guesses can be shared and laughed about after.


We, as an event company in Singapore, have witnessed countless occasions where the right icebreaker gets rid of nervousness, creates laughter and helps to create a vibrant atmosphere. Get colleagues to interact and show aspects of themselves that they do not normally get the opportunity to show at work.

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