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Strategies Virtual Event Companies Should Take To Conduct A Successful Virtual Event Planning

Updated: Oct 5, 2023

Much like in-person events, virtual events require a lot of planning to be successfully executed. There are so many things to consider as a multitude of things can go wrong. From technical issues to ignoring the rehearsal process altogether resulting in hosts and speakers not knowing their ques--mistakes made in virtual events can all be traced back to its planning process.

If your #virtualeventcompany chooses not to iron every detail out, best believe the event will falter one way or another. Because of the numerous moving parts that need to be secured way before the event, the entire process of planning and carrying out a virtual event can feel a little too overwhelming. However, there’s no need to worry!

Here are just a few strategies virtual event companies use that you can incorporate into your virtual event planning:

Start With Your Virtual Event Goals and Objectives

There is nothing like clear goals and objectives to solidify your plans and inform your strategies. This applies to everything under the sun, including virtual events. These goals and objectives you will create and set in place can also be your metrics to measure the performance of your event.

One of the first things you should figure out is what you want participants to get out of your virtual event. In order to understand this, here are some key questions to ask yourself or your client:

  • Who are your attendees?

  • What do you want participants to gain from this virtual event?

  • Why are you hosting this virtual event? What do you want to gain from it (lead generation, product launch, brand awareness, reinforce customer relationships, etc.)?

  • What do you want your sponsors and presenters to gain from this virtual event?

  • How does this virtual event align with your business goals?

Answer these questions first before deciding on anything. One thing to remember is that your event goals must always come first as they influence everything that will happen next.

Know Your Virtual Event Audience

Another thing to think about is your audience’s general psyche. Consider their journey pre, during, and post your virtual event. If you have data on past attendees, do a thorough review so that you can integrate this into your event program. Build a target persona by understanding the subject areas in your industry that pique their interest.

Put participant value at the forefront of the event. Though most virtual events are used to build an email list, it is equally important that your audience benefits from your event.

Keep in mind the possibility of mental fatigue by putting yourself in your attendees’ shoes. Being in front of a device for 8 hours is not a great user experience. Take into consideration the various messages you want to get across and make sure these are delivered by your hosts and speakers in a digestible and engaging way.

Define Your Format and Choose the Right Virtual Event Platform

Nowadays, virtual events are more than just webinars. It could just be a seminar or a keynote presentation with one person taking the spotlight or it could be something like a workshop or a roundtable with attendees participating actively.

The key here is to create a unique experience for your attendees. Once you have clearly defined your format, consider the requirements that this will entail. Think of the best technology and tools that will meet your needs in order to seamlessly deliver your virtual event. One of these technologies is the platform you will use.

There are several platforms out there that #virtualeventcompanies use, but the best one is what’s aligned with the experience you want to create. There are platforms that allow breakout rooms, main stages, expo booths, and networking opportunities that simulate the in-person experience. Taking advantage of these features can help keep your attendees engaged all throughout your event.

Choosing a virtual event platform is another reason for you to do your research on your audience. Understanding how they use technology can help you choose a platform that is either user-friendly or a little more advanced.

Setting Up Your Virtual Event Production Components

Though the content of your virtual event is the star of the show, you also need to consider how it will be delivered. It is difficult to maintain a consistently high production value in a virtual event, especially if you have multiple speakers whose setup you do not have complete control over.

One thing you can do is to ask your speakers not to shoot in noisy rooms that can easily distract them and the audience. For the background, it is wise to send them a branded background for consistency. However, avoid harsh backdrop colors that will compete with your presenters.

If at all possible, provide your speakers with a mic to keep sound quality in check.

Perform A Dry Run

So you’ve got a solid plan for your virtual event and you’ve employed the best software and platform, what’s next? It’s time to perform a test run.

Be ready for any technical issues that may arise as there will be plenty if you forgo your test runs or dry-runs. Perform these with your presenters to ensure their equipment is working and that they are prepared once the live sessions begin.

Keep an eye out for critical problems that occur during these tests and plan out remediation steps immediately. Assign roles to your team so that they know who is responsible for when something goes awry.

The good news for virtual event companies is that virtual events are here to stay even long after the current global pandemic. That’s because these events are an innovative and effective way to get your message across on a global scale without having to shell out a fortune. But, as with any event, virtual events will only run smoothly if they were planned well from the very start. As such, choosing the right virtual event company is critical to ensuring hassle-free virtual events.


This article was written by Regi Publico for Electric Dreamz, an event company in Singapore. Regi Publico is a full-time writer based in Manila who is also an artist for fun. She takes pride in her towering collection of books and loves reading about anything under the sun. She is passionate about sharing her knowledge through every article that she writes.

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