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LED Video Wall Rental and Projector Rental Service - Quality at Low Cost

Updated: Sep 21, 2023

Have you been looking for LED video wall rental that is low cost, a LED video wall rental service that is reliable and who only use quality high-end led wall, or are you looking for a projector rental that is low cost, a projector rental service that is reliable and an AV rental company that only uses quality projectors? Here is why Electric Dreamz is the right LED video wall rental and projector rental company in Singapore for your grand event.

LED Video Wall Rental Singapore

LED Video Wall Rental Service




It is always important to know the venue where the LED Video Wall and Projectors will be delivered to and installed. The venue knowledge gained through years of experience in the events industry helps make our work easier, however, at times if there is a venue that we have not been to before or have not been to for too long, we will proceed and conduct a survey. The important things to note are, the power supply source and inspect the area where the LED wall or projectors will be installed to ensure there is sufficient space.


Should we discover that the equipment ordered is of incorrect specifications and will not meet client requirements based on the venue environment or the number of guests who will be turning up for the event, we will advice client accordingly to ensure clients have the right information to make the right decisions. At times, clients could save money, for example when client orders a P3 LED Wall but a P5 is sufficient, which means less expenditure for the same experience. We are a reliable full service event equipment rental company, which includes, LED video wall rental and projector rental in Singapore.


Upon completion of AV equipment, including LED Wall and Projectors, our experienced and professional video technicians will conduct thorough and extensive tests to ensure all is in order. Should the event be starting more than 1 hour later, a 2nd test will be conducted by video technicians prior to event start time, to ensure nothing is out of place and all is in order. Electric Dreamz video technicians are local passionate professionals who take pride in their work and are meticulous, paying attention to every small detail.

LED Video Wall Rental | Projector Rental - Testing Schedule

2-Phase Pre-event AV Equipment Testing Schedule


Our video technicians are experienced, professional and passionate local AV technicians who have an excellent track record in the events industry. They take pride in their work and are fully concentrated from the 'Testing Phase' up to the time the event ends, meticulously paying attention to every detail to ensure everything is in order. They are fast, efficient and their professionally managed LED wall and projector always produce quality video with no interference, interruptions and breakdowns from start to the end of the event. As a full service LED video wall rental and projector rental service company, video technicians and AV technicians are included in the LED video wall rental, projector rental and AV rental package in Singapore.



Equipment servicing and maintenance is essential to ensure durability and AV equipment quality and reliability. The audio visual equipment we provide for our events, including, LED wall and projectors are well-maintained as these are serviced regularly. Our supplier has the unbeatable record of not having his av equipment breakdown on him in the middle of an event, and we have more than 10 years experience in the events industry so this is no small achievement!


All our AV equipment, including for sound system rental, lighting rental, LED video wall rental, projector rental, plasma and LED screen TV rental and all other event equipment rental are branded and high-end equipment. Audio Visual equipment must never fail or produce low quality delivery of video, sound and light for guests as this would greatly inconvenient our client and bring a bad experience to their invited guests. As a passionate Electric Dreamz Team, we look at every single detail from the maintenance process up to the testing procedure to ensure everything is in order and will run smoothly without any glitches.



Due to our close contacts gained through many years in the events industry, we work with an affiliated AV equipment supplier who provides LED video wall rental, projector rental and AV rental rates that attractive and as we keep our overheads low, are able to provide very attractive and competitive rates for LED video wall rental, projector rental and AV rental in Singapore. These are low rental rates for high-end and quality AV equipment.

We are committed to giving you the best price, delivering the best service and providing the best AV equipment.

Electric Dreamz is now offering attractive rental rates for P3 LED walls.


We hope that you have found this Blog informative and enjoyed our LED video wall rental, projector rental and AV rental promotional video too!

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"To The Electric Dreamz Team, an event is not just an event, but a continuous endeavour to exceed expectations and leave lasting impressions."

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