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Maximizing Your Event with LED Video Wall Rental: What's Included?

LED video wall rental service can enhance an event and bring it to the next level. It is great at creating a wow factor. LED video wall rental service can be considered for many types of corporate events such as for dinner and dances, company milestone events and conferences. The most common location an LED video wall is usually installed at is on the event stage as a backdrop. There are times when LED video walls are installed on the left and right areas of the event stage too.

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Have you ever engaged an #LEDvideowallrental service for your event before? Ever wondered what an #LEDvideowallrentalservice package includes?

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Here are the basic things that are included in an LED video wall rental service package.

LED Video Wall Panels

Depending on the size of the LED video wall that you have included for your event, LED wall panels are put together by an event setup crew. As shown in the picture, the typical sizes for a single LED wall panel are:

500mm (H) x 500mm (L) x 100mm (W)

500mm (H) x 1500mm (L) x 100mm (W)

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Switcher, Wires and Cables

The LED video wall rental service package will also include the switcher, wires and cables. The switcher is used to display images on the LED video wall from multiple input sources. The LED wall rental service package also always contains on lot of signal wires and power cables which will be used by the setup crew to install the LED video wall at the event venue.

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LED Wall Operator and LED Wall Technician

An experienced and professional LED wall operator and an LED wall technician are also usually included in the LED video wall rental service package. The LED wall operator is in-charge of managing the LED wall throughout the event. The LED wall operator will manage the LED video wall according to the programme that the client has provided, changing the display according to the segment requirements from start to completion. The LED wall technician is equipped with the skills to attend to any unforeseen circumstances that may occur during the event and has the know-how to troubleshoot effectively and efficiently. The LED video wall technician is also the person who is usually supervising the LED video wall setup to ensure everything is installed according to plan and will also be the one to conduct LED video wall tests to ensure everything is running smoothly. For small scale events, the LED video wall operator and the LED video wall technician can be the same person. For some clients who have been in the events industry for a long time, they sometimes have their own contacts of freelance LED video wall operators and technicians whom they prefer to work with. As such they will inform the event company or LED video wall rental company not to include an operator or technician which will save some costs for the client on the overall LED video wall rental package deal.

LED Video Wall Setup and Teardown Crew

In every LED video wall rental service package, the LED video wall setup and teardown crew will always be included unless you have specifically requested for dry rental. Dry rental means the client will handle everything on their own and will collect the LED video wall equipment from the LED video wall rental company or event company on their own. The LED video wall setup and teardown crew that event companies and audiovisual rental companies deploy are usually experienced and can work independently without the need to micro-manage. Usually the event coordinator and the audiovisual technicians take overall supervision roles to ensure everything is setup according to event requirements.

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