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Transform Your Pool Party with These 5 Party Planner Tips

Have you ever had a pool party with family, friends and colleagues? A pool party is where you have a party venue with a swimming pool for guests to have fun in. It is a great option for adult parties and has a very high entertainment value. A pool party is a great way to de-stress with family, friends and colleagues.

Here is a video by Electric Dreamz on the 5 tips from a #partyplanner on the basics that you need to have an awesome, memorable and enjoyable pool party in Singapore.

Here are the basics that a party planner includes for a pool party.

Party Sound System Rental

Party sound system rental is an important party element to include for any type of party. A minimum of two speakers and a mixer for party sound equipment management is required. Sometimes you might find that some party venues have in-house sound systems however, it is best to test them out or ask the party venue management if the sound system can support disco music. The last thing you would want for a pool party is for the sound to be of low quality like being too soft or crackling.

Soundman Hire for Sound Management

Party planners always include high quality speakers that are managed by a professional soundman using a sound console, especially if you already have your own music for playback or already have an idea of the type of music you want and have communicated this to the party planning company. If you prefer to leave everything to a professional deejay it will come at an added cost.

Party Disco Lights Rental

Party disco lights rental is essential for creating an immersive disco atmosphere at any party. Depending on your budget, you can rent a minimum of two disco lights or add on additional disco lights and moving heads.

Lighting Programmer Hire for Party

For moving heads, a lighting programmer is also required to programme and manage the party lights throughout the event using a lighting console that will also be rented and offered as a package by the party planner. A professional and experienced lighting programmer can work in tandem with the soundman hired to create amazing mesmerising disco effects that your guests will immensely enjoy.

Party Deejay Hire

If you want to leave the music management entirely up to a professional, party planning companies will include a professional party deejay in the disco party package. With a party deejay you can be certain that he or she will be able to create an awesome immersive atmosphere in tandem with the lighting programmer, if you have included moving heads and a lighting console for the disco party.

Party Deejay vs Soundman

A party deejay will manage the music for you however for a soundman, you can either request for the type of music you want at least a few days before the party or provide the music for them to play during the private pool party.

Food and Drinks

Food and drinks are always included for party guests especially if the party is to last more than four hours. Finger food is usually a popular choice as it is easy to eat even without a table. All you need are paper plates and a place to sit. Party planners usually advise clients to engage the catering companies directly and will give them recommendations of catering companies that have good food and competitive rates in Singapore. is a great catering option in Singapore with a wide variety of food and drinks.

Party Alcohol Drinks

For alcoholic drinks, party planners can include them in the party package or you may also source these on your own. By engaging a party planner for your alcoholic drinks, for a higher budget, you can also request them to provide a beautiful bar counter, a professional mixologist, including mixers, ice and glasses.

Awesome Pool Party Venue

Party planners through their experience and contacts in the events industry are able to recommend the perfect pool party venue for you according to your needs and requirements. You can also source for a pool party venue on your own and let the party planner know where to deliver the acquired party services.

Loud Music after 10pm Restriction in Singapore

When sourcing for the pool party venue, if you intend to enjoy the pool party disco into the wee hours, it is important to choose a pool party venue that is not located near any residential estate. There are awesome pool party options in Singapore which are located in areas that are away from residential estates where you can party throughout the night with no issues. Remember to double check with the party venue management on the restrictions they have and if they allow music late into the night at their party venue.


Here is a fun video by our event company on Electric Dreamz as a party planner for your upcoming event.

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