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Inside the Mind of a Party Planner: The Top Factors for a Successful Event

Planning a successful birthday party, adult party or even an office party requires meticulous party planning and management. There are several important factors to keep in mind when one is planning a party. Here we touch on the key points to note. Things that a #partyplanner considers when planning a party event for his or her client.

Here are key points for planning a party like a professional party planner.

The Right Party Event Venue

Depending on your budget, you can opt for an event venue located in the city that also offers food and drinks or you may decide to go with the function room located at your condominium and work with a caterer for your food and drinks. If you have engaged a party planner, you can also request for them to help you with the party food and drinks menu. If you are only inviting a small group of family and friends, you can also choose to have the party event at your house. This will save you money which you can then use on other event elements such as party entertainment.

Party Event Entertainment

One of the key factors to successful party events is the type of party entertainment you include for your party event. You can choose to include an adult magician, a party emcee or even a mentalist. There are many professional party entertainers that you can source online. If you have opted to work with a party planner, you can let them know what type of party entertainment you want. Professional party planners have a professional group of event and party entertainers that they work with.

Disco Party

One of the more popular things to consider is if you want to include disco and even a dance floor. If you are wanting a more upbeat type of party you can rent a sound system with some good disco lighting effects and hire a party deejay. If you have a higher budget and a bigger event space, you can even include an LED dance floor. Usually when you rent a sound system the sound system rental company will include a party deejay in the package. An appointed party planner will also advise you accordingly.

Party Decoration

Including party decorations is also an important part of any party event. Depending on you budget and the size of the event space that needs to be decorated, you can choose to do it yourself with your family and friends or leave it to the party planner you have engaged for your party event. Usually if the party decorations are to happen at a large event venue, there is usually a stage that will need to be decorated as well. Party planners will also ask if you require a backdrop on stage or a banner with decorations. Tables and chairs will need to be decorated. Usually the entrance to the party venue will also be decorated. As for the type of decorations you can always leave it to the party planner to suggest or you may share your own ideas too. If you choose to do it at a smaller space like a condominium function room or your house, you can save money by doing everything yourself with the help of family and friends.

Party Invites

Once you have chosen the date for the party event, you will also have to decide on how to send out the invites. The cheapest way is for you to do up a simple digital invite and send it out to your friends using 'WhatsApp'. Or you may request your party planner to come up with a catchy video e-invite that they can then send to you for you to forward to all your friends.

Here is a video of an video e-invite by Electric Dreamz.


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