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Audio Visual Equipment Rental: 3 Basic Things To Enhance Your Events

It is always important to ensure that guests and attendees enjoy their time at an event and to always strive to ensure that it leaves positive lasting impressions. There are many ways to enhance your events. The most basic thing to know is that one has to include, in their #audiovisualequipmentrental service, the 3 most basic event elements which are, sound system, event lights and projector or LED video wall.

At times, the event venue might already have in-house sound system, stage lights and projector. In this case it is best to communicate with the event venue management letting them know of the event segments you have in mind for the event so they can inform you if their equipment is sufficient, for example, if their sound system can deliver high quality sound especially if you have a band, singing and disco segment. As for event lights, you can always use the in-house lights and with a higher budget, add-on additional event lights to further enhance your event through the audio visual rental service. You will have to communicate this to the audio visual equipment rental company or event company that you have engaged so they understand that you wish to add on to the existing in-house event venue lights.

Here is a fun video by our event management company related to audio visual equipment rental based on our past blog titled 9 important things about renting audio visual for events in Singapore.

Here are the 3 basic things to rent for your audio visual equipment rental service package.

Sound System - Audio Visual Equipment Rental

Sound system is the most basic audio visual equipment that is included in almost all live events. Any event would require a minimum of one speaker and a microphone so your guests and attendees can listen in and understand what is going on. It is important to ensure that the sound is delivered clearly for all your guests and attendees within the event venue area. It is important to communicate to your audio visual equipment rental company or event company the number of expected guests and the event venue location. For renting of sound equipment these are two important things that the audio visual equipment rental company or event company will want to know. Depending on the size and type of venue space, for example if it is an indoor or outdoor space or if the event venue is one where guests will be seated in rows or if they will be seated in a larger wider area with tables and chairs, to ensure high quality event sound, more sound speakers will be recommended. If more guests are attending the audio visual equipment rental company or your event company may also recommend more speakers to be included. Usually, two speakers sound system can cater to up to 200 guests and attendees. A professional and experienced soundman will fine-tune, test and manage the event sound throughout the event to ensure high quality sound delivery throughout the event.

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Event Lights - Audio Visual Equipment Rental

Event lights are great at creating immersive environments and to give a festive feel for any type of event. Event lights can be used for aesthetics, for the event stage, for ambience, for performances and for highlighting the architecture. The lighting programmer can programme the lights according to the segments and requirements and will skillfully manage the event lights throughout the event to enhance the performances on stage. To highlight a brand and logo, you can even request gobo lights which is customised according to your brand and logo design. Check out our past blog if you are looking for gobo lights rental. The lighting programmer who is sometimes also the lighting designer can recommend you the right event lights to enhance your ambience and colour your event environment to give it a festive feel. There are many different event lights that you can choose from to enhance your event. Liaise with the lighting designer from the audio visual equipment rental company or event company that you engaged to find out what type of event lights best suit your needs. The lighting designer will probably ask to visit the event venue for a survey unless he or she has already been to that specific event venue before and understands the event venue layout.

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Projector or LED Video Wall - Audio Visual Equipment Rental

Visuals play an important role at events. They are great at delivering important information, displaying promotional material, for showing logo and brand and many more. A projector and screen and LED video wall is normally installed on the event stage or installed on both sides of the stage which makes it more grand. An event can either include a projector and screen or an LED video wall or for a higher budget, both can be included. The projector screens can be on both sides of the stage and the LED video wall can be installed on the stage. A video technician is usually deployed to test and manage the video equipment throughout the event. For an outdoor daytime event, it is best to use an LED video wall instead. Here is a blog that explains why titled 8 important things you need to know about renting LED video walls for your events.

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