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7 Important Things To Guarantee Quality, Professional And Reliable Event Management Services

Updated: Aug 12, 2022

What are the important things to note for professional and reliable event management services in Singapore to ensure successful corporate events and social events?

There are many factors that need to be considered to guarantee high quality, professional and reliable #eventmanagement services and delivery. Here is a list of 7 important things:

  • An experienced event manager or event coordinator with a close-knit team of reliable and skilled event crew and professionals

  • Having clear understanding of clients' requirements and providing the right input to enhance the event environment while keeping to the event budget

  • Backup plans to prepare for any possible unfortunate circumstances that are beyond human control

  • Right contacts to the right event suppliers for quality event rentals, services and products

  • Thorough checks on every event item delivered by event suppliers during setup to ensure product conformance

  • Pre-event testing of all audio visual equipment

  • Pre-event run through of event programme and segments with event crew, AV technicians and event manpower

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How do each of these items ensure high quality event management services and delivery for corporate events and social events in Singapore?


An #eventcompany may have been in the industry for many years, however, it is always important to take note on the experience of the event manager or event coordinator that has been appointed to manage your event.

An experienced event manager has the ability to:

  • provide professional advice

  • to clearly understand what is needed for your event through your requirements and can provide valuable advice and suggestions to enhance the event

  • be able to plan, manage and execute the event professionally and reliably

  • through his or her experience be able to foresee possible situations that may arise and provide the right advice and recommendations to prevent them from happening

  • through his or her extensive experience, be able to provide creative ideas and quality input to enhance your event

  • be able to work closely with the event crew, AV technicians, other event manpower and especially with the client committee representative to deliver high quality event management services for your events

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A professional, reliable and quality event management services company is one that is able to understand clearly what your event requirements are and provide the right-fit event proposals, event services, event rentals and AV rentals.

An event management services company that offers personalised service is one that can understand clearly the details and specifications of your requirements and, with the right and in-depth knowledge, offer you event services and products that ensures event success.

Ideally, if you are looking for engage an event partner who can provide you long-term quality and reliable event management services in Singapore, transparency, professionalism and integrity are essential core values that you look for to guarantee a mutually beneficial and fruitful long-term business relationship.



There are situations that may arise during events that are beyond human control, such as, a performer who unfortunately falls seriously ill at the last minute or during setup a bulb suddenly blows out and etc.

An experienced event manager will be able to react promptly, coolly, calmly, effectively and efficiently to resolve the situation. Any situation can be resolved with a cool and calm mind.

For example, if a performer is unable to turn up for the event, the event manager re-arranges the event programme and segment to ensure there are no pauses or interruptions during the event, and through having the right contacts, is able to call up another event entertainer to fill in at the last minute.

As for the situation of the bulb blowing during setup, a proactive event manager immediately, without waiting for instructions from higher ups, makes the decision to send one of his assistants or event crew to a nearby shop to purchase a replacement bulb!



This is one of the most overlooked points, which actually is one of the most important points to ensure event success.

An event management services company with the right contacts go a long way to guarantee you successful events. They have contacts to professional and reliable event suppliers with proven track records, for high quality event services, event rentals and AV rentals in Singapore.

How do the right events industry contacts ensure event success?

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A professional and reliable event management services company has experienced event managers and event coordinators who understand the importance of arriving early for event setup to be able to conduct thorough checks on all event products delivered by event suppliers to ensure conformance.

An experienced event manager has the knowledge to determine how long it will take for the event setup and gives himself or herself time allowance to conduct quality checks and deal with any last minute touch-up requirements or apply improvements if required.

Arriving early gives the event manager more than enough time to conduct thorough checks and if need be apply any touch-ups, if necessary.



Pre-event audio visual equipment testing is an important part of any event. This is to avoid any possible breakdown during event and to guarantee uninterrupted event sound, event lighting and video delivery throughout events.

Ideally, testing should be done twice:

  1. By the event setup crew and audio visual technicians immediately after the event setup.

  2. By the audio visual technicians an hour or so before event start time.

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In order to ensure high quality event management services and delivery, an event programme run through is an important factor for any event. The event manager has to first get a clear understanding of the event programme before conducting a briefing with the rest of the event crew.

The event managers and event coordinators have to ensure that their team, which includes the event crew, the audio visual technicians, all other event manpower and the client's representatives are on the same page.

This ensures that the event crew, audio visual technicians and all event manpower understand their roles and scope of work, which ensures a hassle-free and smooth process throughout, to guarantee successful events!


About Electric Dreamz - An Event Company In Singapore

Electric Dreamz is a professional, reliable and low cost event management company in Singapore, providing one stop quality solution for all live events, including social events and corporate events.

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